Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shihee s Finle word of 2 10

will my brothers and sisters we are going to in a new year 2010 was some what good but It was not Perfect but throw it all it as good year even a good year to be a Eagles fan a bad to a cowboys fan any way as we go in to the new year what do hope to Gene?
rule one Place GOD fr st and give Thanks rule two Place Respect at the center of your
life rule three give your self room to grow at the Person the Lord as call to be
rule fur love your self be fur you love any one El's words to think about and the finle rule husband love your wives as Christ love the church and stand for something if you not stand for you stand nothing every one wants to reseve a crown in the after life but no one is wellig to do the work that GOD has Place hear in this world for you to do may GOD bless you and remember no cross no cronw.