Thursday, December 15, 2011


Will we are come to end of a great year what will ha pen in 2 12 we have seen the EAGLES are having a rocky start for the NFL season we have seen one the one the great is college football coaches of all time forces to step dawn because of the sex scandal what will ha pen in the next coming months . well my brothers and sisters we it is time to say good bye to the past and hello to a bright fut er what you take away from this year if there is you should know is that always treat even day like it is you last and we should always give thanks every day for the resat of your and as we march of to a to new year we thank God for ever thing that you have and follow the Rules in the ten commandment and Evey thing will fall in to Place. well good bye my Friends and we will meat next year.

Monday, November 21, 2011

vase factory

Beatiful hand pinted glass jars and botles Avable in three sizes and avariety of collors on Saturday December 10 2011 it will be a Polach

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I found Peace when I made a Decision to gave my life to the Lord it was the best decision I made It was a time in my life when I was mad at the world I use to think that real Peace came from having nice Places . or having money but real Pea cs come from God and no one El's some times you just hap to let the chip fall in your fever real Paces comes from Prayer I know for me Praying helped me a lot .Peace dose not job or the women that use to sleep with peace come from the love I have God and the love he has me.

if you life by any of vases e mail me it is best Art work you will by thing and God bless.

Monday, August 15, 2011

From the Heart

well I feel that wan I give my Comments about THE Art clubs it fall s Defoe ears so I say to myself you know what It is time to push Tame G r o w to for fro net and make a be lever out of sin gal Person and Art Directer is going stop what I mean leas faces I if James Webster is the Teach Art club go to hell in a hand basket I judge but this long enough.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know I Should not judge but come on now the computers are all ways acting up . talking to one of staff member s are is Pointless.the art club . cooed be better . but when talk to her about It is like to a seven year old

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dam what a shot

YOU I REMEMBER WHEN FIRST CAME TO Project Home in 2001 It was good at first I found out that thay had a Art club I said ok good but as time whan on I fill like Project Home has loset It s step I mean les face it the computer are not working from time to time I . fill that it be lettal better then what is . and when IT come the Art it be better . and that it to many women her that are in chage Iam a satet shooter hwo tell like it is when God made the humen man came s bad enouh that women take over every thing thay get ther hands on even in Polatice if I siad it ones I have siad it a millon times a women placs in Polatics is to have no place at all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


HELLO FELLO Artist we are start ding a brand new Art group call Team G.R.O.W this new Art group will open the doors for up and coming Art is we a group that makeing changes we except any tip of Art sh ouch as Folk Art . Papermashay Art .glassblowing graffiti Art all so.Knitting.Drama.Dancsing.Pottey Art .moseys Art.Music. Rule number 1 you be a fee spirt wen it comes the Art this new Art Program will open doors for all up and coming Artist . being apart of group will you a chans to be set a part from the other. rule 2 wen you if would to be a member of Team G.R.O.W we ack that your name Phone number. e mail .Tanlent so we cent we will contact you . we believe in change . and together we cen G.R.O.W in grace their will be more nifo about the at the Potluck and it will be a sign up sheet on the wall at 1515 and 1523 formant A.V Project home.

It time for change together we can G.R.O.W in grace

It will be a Artist work shop for any one would sign up It will be a sign up sheet on the wall.

Friday, April 15, 2011

THE ART OF Bashing

just yestaday I was apart of the 2011 Project Home Art Show and Just like all of the other Art Show s It sucked I mean lest face It Project Home. has seen tear better days like an old race hores. I felt that event thing was not Propley Pland the food lay out was not good . the Music was not good . this Art Show was so bad say to my slfe what a dam . I will never support the Art Show becuse thay suck.the Art Show are just as bad as a Randal sykes Pinting and a bad joke from James webbster.on a scale from one to ten I give this Art Show a one.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All about me

I started doing Art when was in the third grard and I stopped for awhile.but in 2001 I came to Project HOME . As a self taught artist I plan to make history in Art and Drama there is only one Shihee and It will never be a nother becuse the world is stage and came hear to take the spot light.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


well the Green bay Packers Play a game agens the Steelers It was one of thoe game

whear you did not know what was going to hapen . the last time Packers won in the
90 s I am not shocked that thay won but geust mabby It was the as great as the season was last year I know that NFL season will be better.

Monday, January 31, 2011


well After a great NFL season I guest you cent say that the Steelers and the Packers could be the best to in the NFL . I now that the Steelers were good but I did not think that the Packers would be good enough to Play in the big game on It is one thing to beat the Eagles . Falcons but to beat the Steelers another thing any way I hope that the haft time is not corny man I hope the game is not corny I know some commercial will be and I hope that high scoring game will be Steel of the night or will this game Packed away be fur It even starts.