Wednesday, May 25, 2011


HELLO FELLO Artist we are start ding a brand new Art group call Team G.R.O.W this new Art group will open the doors for up and coming Art is we a group that makeing changes we except any tip of Art sh ouch as Folk Art . Papermashay Art .glassblowing graffiti Art all so.Knitting.Drama.Dancsing.Pottey Art .moseys Art.Music. Rule number 1 you be a fee spirt wen it comes the Art this new Art Program will open doors for all up and coming Artist . being apart of group will you a chans to be set a part from the other. rule 2 wen you if would to be a member of Team G.R.O.W we ack that your name Phone number. e mail .Tanlent so we cent we will contact you . we believe in change . and together we cen G.R.O.W in grace their will be more nifo about the at the Potluck and it will be a sign up sheet on the wall at 1515 and 1523 formant A.V Project home.

It time for change together we can G.R.O.W in grace

It will be a Artist work shop for any one would sign up It will be a sign up sheet on the wall.